Toolkit: Mental Wealth Deposits

Ways to help you create generational mental wealth

I write about mental wealth and making mental wealth deposits. Here’s a starter kit for you. The most recent is right below the line, but you don’t have to do them in order.

Plan your mental wealth

Third rock from the Sun

Old cannot survive with the new

Health first…PeriodT

Your time not mine

Stuff gotta go

Soundtracks of your life

Keep grindin’, then stop

Love you, but love me more

Real people…that’s who we are

Success = ???

Experiment with your life

My darkest hour


If you’re diggin’ this…

Holiday…vacation…take time off

Your people

Find your meditation

Let that shit go

Your are worthy

Self-care as a foundation

Happiness = ???

Alone…not lonely

You gotta eat and pay bills


It’s old you vs. new you

Get lost…in a good way

Lock and key


Give yourself permission

You = Success + Failures

Meditation is…

Timeless awesomeness

There’s only one you

Go to sleep

Make it a priority

Time is personal

Groundhog or new day?

Up in the sky

You own your code

Go to the water

You better recognize

You are not your job title

More than symbols


The next step

Miss the trap

Grateful for you


No copy and paste allowed

No hacks or shortcuts…it’s life…yours

Dance breaks are good

Lessons from Mother Earth

Help me help you


Life, not Work/Life

47 Minutes

This is the end…or is it the beginning?